Saturday, May 29, 2010

T and E

If you haven't heard this Northwest group T&E, then wake up and check out this free music download. check it here! Super Dope music.

Reclaim Design

Reclaim Design is a young, but yet knowledgeable Portland design firm with years of experience to back it, focusing on all sorts of Internet services, such as web design, Internet marketing, and web development. We also specialize in mediums, like print design, photography, and video editing. With continuously happy clients we know that we are doing something right!

Ran into David recently, check out his design firm.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fight the Moon Volume 1

Found this dope music in my mail box today. Thanks for sending me a copy!!
Two tracks off the Volume one Fight the Moon Cd:
Diamonds and Get it back.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vintage Time Machines

Vintage Time Machines (a.k.a. VTM) is an electroacoustic band comprised of three members: Chad Ghattas (Lead Vocals, Keys, Guitar) Mike Dunay (Drums) and "The Scientist" (Laptop). After moving to the high chaparral for 6 months to write, compose and hone their live show, they've returned to civilization to digitally release their debut album "Thank God for Science" on May 31st, 2010. "Thank God for Science" is a 10 song album featuring "Tend To Scare Each Other" a highly anticipated song by many of VTM's core followers. In the meantime VTM is booking gigs along the West coast for a July 2010 live showcase of their first album. If Chads not thrashing on his mini korg, he's laying down a funky bass line on top of one of Mikes many adaptations of a drum and bass or dance beat. While the quiet "Scientist" mans the Laptop supplying an array of effects and overlays to give VTM their unique sound.

Check them out on Facebook. and on this music player.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Logo I got designed from Espi. His site should be up soon. check for it.
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