Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ryan Dornfeld + 5000 = Good Idea

My good friend, Substitute Teacher, and roommate Ryan Dornfeld has a great idea!! He has enter into this contest for free money offered by Us Bank. The bank is promoting this "Get a head in 2010" contest by allowing anyone to enter. US bank customers submit a story trying to convince voters to vote for them and their cause, and whoever ends up with the most votes by Feb 28 2010, is the winner!

Here is his Story:

Bringing Active Lifestyles back to our Kids
Many elementary schools in our school districts have had Physical Education cut from their program. If they have not yet been cut they are being threatened to be cut next year. Most middle schools only offer track and field in their athletic programs. Football, men/women basketball, wrestling, and volleyball have all been cut from their school programs. Vote for my story and $5,000 will go to the schools

— Ryan D.

here is the LINK go Vote for him!! And we will post a Video of him donating the check on here and Youtube!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anya Marina

Saw this last night on Carson Daily's show, which is on super late, he should get a earlier spot. I like how they put that show together. Anyways did she do TI's song better than him??!?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Zetaman: Reality Tv?

Operation Treehouse - TV episode from ZetamanTV on Vimeo.

Last night I went out on the town to see a local hiphop show at the Hawthorne Theater with a gang of friends (honestly we were rollin deep) lol. Anyways a good friend of mine introduced me to this interesting dude that is huge into videography and such. While talkin with him (he is not a character in the show) he explained that he has been pitching this idea/show to networks now for a while, that he is looking to produce. (with no luck as of now, according to his agent) Check the website, there are a few webisodes and longer more geared tv episodes. Let me know what you think, with so many, so called "reality" shows out there, could you find yourself watching this one?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prost! Portland Oregon

A buddy of mine, from my adventures in Eugene, has opened a Bar in Portland, called Prost! Prost is located on the corner of Mississippi and Skidmore in North Portland. PROST is a cool new German bar that serves traditional German food and has 10 taps of German beer served in the appropriate glassware. The building and the bar itself were well done with beautiful wood tables and bar. The food I thought was good, had a brat sandwich and a pretzel, which hit the spot, and the fact that you can bring in food from the surrounding food carts if you order a beer from them, is really unique for a bar/restaurant to offer.

Fun fact: the tables and benches on the patio came direct from Oktoberfest '08 in Munich. (Via Yelp)

here are some pics from my adventure. Wish I had more to show you, just means you are goin to have to check it out yourself!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photosimile 5000

Ortery Technologies has released Photosimile 5000, a PC-controlled desktop photography studio that integrates a 28 x 28 x 28” light box with a Canon SLR cameraand powerful workflow software to simplify and automate business photography. The device features 6500K bulbs, an automated camera positioning system and built-in turntable that holds up to 25lbs. The camera and light box connect to a PC via USB. Photosimile 5000 software controls the studio, camera location, turntable movement, camera settings, picture taking and processing workflows. Simply place an item inside, compose using Preview, Zoom and Crop commands in the software. Click Snap and the picture automatically downloads to the PC screen in seconds, Ortery claims. Additionally, Ortery Real3D, included in Photosimile 5000 for image composition, creates full spherical, hemispherical and cylindrical animations with mouse control, image tagging and deep zoom capabilities to 14X, with the resulting product animations being allegedly comparable to interacting with the physical product. Photosimile 5000 runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The press release makes no mention of the price, but don’t expect the Photosimile 5000 to be cheap.

Pretty sweet idea. I am interested in using one of theses, or seeing it in action.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bucket List

The past couple days now, the talk at the house has mostly been the disagreement about Avatar. ha ha But other than that the talk has been all about what we each want on our bucket lists. For those that don't get it, what we want to do before we pass away list. There have been some interesting ideas that have popped up, but so far my fav I think is snorkeling the great barrier reef!

What are some of yours? Have you even thought about it? We started to type ours out so we don't forget! Do it, see what you come up with.

Be yourself and stay up