Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ryan Dornfeld + 5000 = Good Idea

My good friend, Substitute Teacher, and roommate Ryan Dornfeld has a great idea!! He has enter into this contest for free money offered by Us Bank. The bank is promoting this "Get a head in 2010" contest by allowing anyone to enter. US bank customers submit a story trying to convince voters to vote for them and their cause, and whoever ends up with the most votes by Feb 28 2010, is the winner!

Here is his Story:

Bringing Active Lifestyles back to our Kids
Many elementary schools in our school districts have had Physical Education cut from their program. If they have not yet been cut they are being threatened to be cut next year. Most middle schools only offer track and field in their athletic programs. Football, men/women basketball, wrestling, and volleyball have all been cut from their school programs. Vote for my story and $5,000 will go to the schools

— Ryan D.

here is the LINK go Vote for him!! And we will post a Video of him donating the check on here and Youtube!

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  1. just noticed that the kid next to ryan is givin the camera the bird!! wow ahh ha ha.