Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So Funny...! Poor Dog.

Rip City

The nickname Rip City is usually used in the context of the city's NBA team, the Portland Trail Blazers. The term was coined by the team's legendary play-by-play announcer Bill Schonely during a game against the Los Angeles Lakers in the Blazers' first season. In a recurring segment on Comcast SportsNet Northwest, Schonely explained that a three-point play by Blazers' player Jim Barnett caused the net on the basket to rip. Schonely exclaimed "Rip City!" at the sight, and a member of his broadcasting team urged him to run with that as a rallying cry for the young team.

From- wikipedia

Go Blazers! 
Big Win tonight, wins like that make me think we can make some noise in the playoffs!


“I am an artist who specializes in using non traditional media… old books, cassettes, playing cards, magazines, credit cards… whatever I can find. It feels great to work with strange, older materials. Things that have a mind of their own. Most everything I use has been thrown away or donated at some point. Past its prime, like some of the finest things in the world.” - Artist

Posted-Those guys

The Roots

The Roots in Eugene Oregon Saturday April 11th. @ MacDonald Theatre
The MacDonald Theatre is so dope, a small venue perfect for concerts, and the best
part is, the balcony that over looks the crowd and perfect view of the stage, but
got to be 21 to play up there.  I saw them last year during the summer at the Cuthbert
Amphitheatre, it was so dope, great hip hop show!


Monday, March 30, 2009


So you might of heard or seen that the Eugene Family Ymca in Oregon, is giving out free memberships to those who have been laid off during this economic recession.  Well let me tell you it is crazy, everyone and their mother is showing up looking for a  free handout, well it was advertised in the paper, local and national news, and not to mention by word of mouth (which has spread like a raging forest fire).  My thoughts on this situation is this, I understand that we should help out our community in this time of need, but from my point of view, we are now placing, poor(homeless) criminals, and now people without any income, in the same setting as the children that range from preschool to high school that frequent the building.  The crime has defiantly risen through out the facility since this free membership campaign, from the locker rooms and gym to the parking lots.  Now I ask the question, was this a good idea overall?  Did we help our community, or did we just cause problems for our community?

peace. Be safe.

Mr Roles.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


So today I made my trip back to Eugene from PDX, of course I had to pick up my partner in crime 
aka Doodle.  I have known John now since I was like in seventh grade, and to be honest I never 
heard his G-ma call him the legendary nickname, and would of doubted it's existences if it weren't such a ridiculous name. ha ha  But today on our way out the door she said the words " see ya later doodle bird" happy as ever, of course I chuckled a little to myself, John heard it and laughed as well.  It took many years, but I am glad that now I can confirm the lengendary name. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Wright Family.

I mentioned The Wright Family before, but I wanted to show this other review I came across...
The Wright Family are a group where the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” is certainly true. One guy looks like he just got off of work on Friday at 5pm and he’s ready to go to the batting cages. Another guy looks like he owns some real estate and wants to hang loose. The lady in the group has a 60’s vibe about her and appears to look like one of those moms on a TBS weekend marathon. Just by that alone, what kind of music do you think they record? alt.country? Folk? Alternative rock? It may surprise you that these three individuals create hip-hop.

The World’s Happiest Gremlin (self-released) reminds me of something that Slug of Atmosphere would be associated with, or the kind of album that would be perfect on Rhymesayers with that loose-yet-aggressive flow that comes from late night mental sessions mixed in with week and imported alcohol. “Chance To Change” sounds like a dusted track with a laid back, almost downtempo vibe to it mixed with a hard rock guitar riff with a blow that has a slight Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony feel with a slight Kool Keith motif.

Away from the comparisons, it sounds like some damn good independent hip-hop with top notch production, rhymes and flows that sounds like a hungry MC in need of a decent meal, and the occasional female background vocals that add to the songs without being overbearing. Could become the sleeper album of 2009.

Sleeper album of the year!!
That is awesome. congrats Espi, Lo, and JG.
Link: http://www.thisisbooksmusic.com/2009/03/

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sherrlyn borkgren

Sherrlyn Borkgren is a great photographer here in Eugene Or, actually a member @ the YMCA,(where I work)
and she is actually up for this grant to shoot a project of her choice. Take a look at here work on her website here,
she does weddings, and has done some great work over in Iraq.
Also vote for her project to win, she is great person and an
awesome photographer.

Game Day Focus

Game day Focus is a full service photography company that specializes in sports action photography in Oregon's Willamette Valley. They strive to provide their customers with the finest quality and service in the industry. In addition to the products and services offered on their site if you have a special request let them know, and they will try their hardest to accommodate you.
Good friend of mine started this company a while back now.  Check out their work.


Men are Undateable until they choose to be date able, it is one of many superpowers we have as men.  Women may think we don't know what is up, but we do. 


Dedication to Meg Ryan. aka D Dizzle.

Stay strong.  


Saturday, March 21, 2009


My roommate (John)  locked a bum into the local middle school a year ago or so, he worked for the ymca and after the games were done he locked up and went home on Sunday. Well the principal opened the door to see a bum sleeping in the bathroom on Monday morning. I made him this in honor of his act of duty. Needless to say he lost his job, I think he was just helping a dude out. ha ha


Mr Roles Started an account. follow me!!! hahaha

Go Blazers 

Nice Win tonight.

John Garcia aka Doodle Bird.

I have to admit John, my best friend and roommate, is the slowest person on the earth to get ready and out of the house.  I mean the night will be planned or an event that we are going to, will be known well in advance and for some reason, we are headed out the door and he is getting into the shower.  I am currently waiting on him at this moment, to go to the mall and the store, I have realized, well I have a bunch of time, because it takes my roommate longer to get ready then a girl, so here I am blogging!! ha ha Have a great day!!! 

Pray for the rain to go away!!

Ash Roth


Friday, March 20, 2009

overheard NY.

Was over @ a friends house last night and she showed me this website.  People post convos that they over hear while in New York City, some pretty funny shit on there, she told me she would check this site out when she was sad and needed a good laugh. 

Black 15-year-old kid: What you doing on Halloween?
White 15-year-old kid: Gettin' laid.
Black 15-year-old kid: What the fuck? Gettin' laid on Halloween? That's some bullshit. That's some bullshit!

-Gym Locker Room, Bayside, New York


I am making a big purchase tomorrow, including this speed light and a lens, or two!  I am finally upgrading my equipment. 


I been reading this blog by Stu Holden called Nba Noise (check it out).  Well he blog about twitter and the nba players that have been updating theirs, pretty funny posts.  Might have to get me a twitter account... 

Monday, March 16, 2009

Music: The Good Hurt.

Amsterdam also known as AmDiggy, is starting to make some noise in the hip hop game now, his music has been played on Portland's Northwest Breakout show, Jammin 107.5FM, hosted by Portland's own Cool Nutz. The Good Hurt is his second solo Cd produced by Terminill of Northern Lights. Actually was fortunate enough to have some of my own photography make the Cd's inside and back cover.
His next project he will team up with the MC Middle from Hot in Pursuit and together they make the group known as Top Shelf. Check the music and keep your ears open for the Bend, Oregon MC.

Music: The Wright Family

The Wright Family, consist of The Kid Espi, JG (from Hot in Pursuit) and his very talented roommate Lo. I can't get enough of this album, honestly you can play the cd through no need to skip any tracks. The album was produced by Terminill (Northern Lights) Check their music out on the link below.

Wright Family music

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Video: Tha Biz.

I thought this was a cool idea to let others see the process of making a beat, especially this beat.  How is others suppose to learn if they aren't shown? peep it.

Electric Art

Thought this photo series was pretty interesting and true at the same time.  Photography by  Gary Sheppard.

Fixie Bike

I have heard a lot about these "fixie" bikes lately, and came across this one.  Insane don't know anyone that could afford this one, but cool idea.
The Aurumania gold bike crystal edition is about $102,418 and is hand built, plated with 24 carat gold and hand-adorned with more than 600 Swarovski crystals. The handlebar grips are hand-sewn, chocolate-brown leather and of course a beautiful molded Brooks leather saddle !The Bike is fully customized, Limited edition of 50 and for this price, its Hand delivered anywhere in World! 

Northern Lights

I mentioned in a past post of mine about the production team known as Northern Lights, made up of Terminill and Sonny. I have been fortunate to do a photo shoot with them, as well as hangout around these two talented dudes in the studio. Just wanted to shed some light on their craft and their project they are in the process of creating.  A mixtape that will include many of the up and coming artists, as well as some of the already established ones around the Northwest region. The mixtape is aimed to expose their music/beats as well as the artists that will be rhyming over them. I myself am very excited to hear the final project, mainly because I have had the opportunity to see them in the lab first hand, and was very impressed by their production and work ethic. Keep your eyes out for the Mixtape, titled Cut em or Pay em.
Also check the website to hear their beats. 

Video: Kid DJ

This is awesome, I wish I started at a young age,  mastering a craft like this little eight year old. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

Espi Design

This young entrepreneur/rapper known as The Kid Espi, very talented dude not only in the music world but as well in the graphic design world. He has designed all of his cd covers and inserts as well as many other artists in the game. peep his work.

Music: Ash Roth

This mixtape is dope. I am feeling this dude.


I recently have had heath problems, actually for like 6 months. I can honestly say I am getting my swagger back, man I didn't believe I would ever feel good again.  But anyways it is unreal how important heath care/insurance is, of course I didn't realize this until I had the health complications.  Take it from me, it is expensive to see doctors these days, man that is were the money is, be a doctor it will pay good, trust me, I saw one doctor that cost 500 a visit.  That is unreal.  How can a person survive without health insurance? If i didn't have it, then what?  Continue to struggle through life?  I mean it was hell, the feeling I had everyday of the past six months was just torturer.   I think health care should be free, it is important for the success of people, and decides weather a person can live a happy life.  For real I can honestly say i was depressed.  Canada has free health care for all, that is a tight idea, I know that is hard to make it happen here in the states, but I think it is a must. Someone told me this the other day and now I truly believe it, "Health is your wealth".
Be Safe
Mr. Roles

Video: Lebron James

As promised, I did come through with the video from last nights suns cavs game. check this out.
I vote LBJ for mvp. 

Blazers: Martell Webster

I heard that Martell might be ready by April. oohhweee! We could get out of the first round this year!!! With Martell back we get a deeper bench, and his sweet jumper!!

Go Blazers!

Oregon Ducks: Football

The Mike Bellotti era is officially over for the University of Oregon football team
UO President Dave Frohnmayer announced today that Bellotti will become athletic director on July 1. Offensive coordinator Chip Kelly will take over as head coach at the beginning of spring practice on March 30, following the succession plan UO announced in December.

Awesome, so glad we worked out a way to keep both of them in the program!! 

Go Ducks!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Music: Kid Cudi

Cudi is a beast. He will change the game. it is about time we get some good music, I hate the shit they play on the radio these days. Check it

KiD CuDi - Switchin' Lanes | Hip Hop Songs > HipHopDX.com


Did anyone see that block lebron had on J-rich tonight? I am tryin to find the video to post it. Lebron is the best in the league. He is amazing, plays defense, scoring machine, and is all over the court. My choice for MVP.

Go Blazers!

Video Her revenge

null - Watch more free videos

video: Pie in face

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null - Watch more free videos

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear Mom

For the whole 23 years of my life I have put my mom through so much shit, especially the past 6 months for sure. I been thinking that I need to show more appreciation for my mother. I want to encourage everyone out there to show more appreciation for not only their mothers, but loved ones as well. I think it takes a real person to tell someone that they are appreciated and not let it just go unsaid. I am very thankful for my mother.

Video: Classic

SO Dope!!

Video: US Placers

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Doodle bird

I googled "doodle bird" today, and this was one of the images that came up. I wonder if John's Grandma had this in mind when she calls upon her sweet grandson!!! haha


I am saving up for this bad boy. 

Thought of the Day

Funny how many people told you that, and you didn't believe them till it happened to you.

I served an event at the Hilton a couple weeks back now, and during the party they jammed this song, I think it is dope, love the up beat feel.

Video: Oregon Homeboy

I just saw this show last night, it is pretty funny. Three episodes right now in the first season. If you got HBO watch it you will laugh your ass off, if you don't have HBO you are missing out.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I know I am late on this dude, but i am diggin his style. been bumping this track recently.

Martell Webster

It is offical, the blazers confirmed today that Mr. Webster will miss the rest of the regular season. I am not surprized at all to hear this info, but am excited for him to get healthy and to start playing ball with this group of guys. A player with the upside of Martell should be a instant impact on the floor, assuming that he does make a full recovery.

Nike. Air Yeezy

Nike Sportswear and Grammy award winning recording artist Kanye West present the highly anticipated Nike Air Yeezy sneaker in Spring 2009.
-These are dope, I just might have to get a pair!! Hope they aren't too expensive.


Recently I attend a Celebration of Life, in memory of a very respected man among my community. During and after the event it really hit home with me, life is a special gift given to people everyday, we need not to take it for granted. You aren't promised tomorrow therefore you must charish every moment you have here, because at any moment it can all be taken away from you. On that note make sure you tell your loved ones you love them every chance you get, and don't lay your head down at night unless you are at good standing with all of them. My worst fear would be that a loved one passes away and I am left thinking and beating myself up that our relationship was left on a bad note or on terms where we wern't talking. Don't regret anything learn from your mistakes, and teach others so they don't make the same.
I saw this quote over at a friend of mines house.
" 10% of life is what happens to you, 90% is how you react"

video: North Eugene

We need parents that can be role models for our youth, not these parents. How can we make a change when our parents are acting like fools? Of course this happens in Oregon, people like them give Oregon a bad Reputation.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Northern Lights

Did a photo shoot with two friends of mine in Portland Or, awhile back now. Terminill and Sonny together make the production team known as Northern Lights. Check them out here, and here.

I am in the middle of reading this book, so far so good! Check it out


Picked these up about a week or so ago while in Portland for $44.00. Gotta love the Nordstrom Rack! Great place for a baller like myself on a budget.


Cool idea. photographing the photographer. 

Kid Espi

Here is a really good friend of mine, who has made a great cd you haven't heard yet.
Check it out! Good night Y'all!
This track is Hot!


Hello World!

For the first post I will have to give it to the Portland Trail Blazers! They killed the Spurs last night in Portland! Watch out for us in the Playoffs!! Go Blazers!

Final Score Blazers 102 Spurs 84