Friday, March 13, 2009


I recently have had heath problems, actually for like 6 months. I can honestly say I am getting my swagger back, man I didn't believe I would ever feel good again.  But anyways it is unreal how important heath care/insurance is, of course I didn't realize this until I had the health complications.  Take it from me, it is expensive to see doctors these days, man that is were the money is, be a doctor it will pay good, trust me, I saw one doctor that cost 500 a visit.  That is unreal.  How can a person survive without health insurance? If i didn't have it, then what?  Continue to struggle through life?  I mean it was hell, the feeling I had everyday of the past six months was just torturer.   I think health care should be free, it is important for the success of people, and decides weather a person can live a happy life.  For real I can honestly say i was depressed.  Canada has free health care for all, that is a tight idea, I know that is hard to make it happen here in the states, but I think it is a must. Someone told me this the other day and now I truly believe it, "Health is your wealth".
Be Safe
Mr. Roles

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