Monday, March 30, 2009


So you might of heard or seen that the Eugene Family Ymca in Oregon, is giving out free memberships to those who have been laid off during this economic recession.  Well let me tell you it is crazy, everyone and their mother is showing up looking for a  free handout, well it was advertised in the paper, local and national news, and not to mention by word of mouth (which has spread like a raging forest fire).  My thoughts on this situation is this, I understand that we should help out our community in this time of need, but from my point of view, we are now placing, poor(homeless) criminals, and now people without any income, in the same setting as the children that range from preschool to high school that frequent the building.  The crime has defiantly risen through out the facility since this free membership campaign, from the locker rooms and gym to the parking lots.  Now I ask the question, was this a good idea overall?  Did we help our community, or did we just cause problems for our community?

peace. Be safe.

Mr Roles.

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