Sunday, March 15, 2009

Northern Lights

I mentioned in a past post of mine about the production team known as Northern Lights, made up of Terminill and Sonny. I have been fortunate to do a photo shoot with them, as well as hangout around these two talented dudes in the studio. Just wanted to shed some light on their craft and their project they are in the process of creating.  A mixtape that will include many of the up and coming artists, as well as some of the already established ones around the Northwest region. The mixtape is aimed to expose their music/beats as well as the artists that will be rhyming over them. I myself am very excited to hear the final project, mainly because I have had the opportunity to see them in the lab first hand, and was very impressed by their production and work ethic. Keep your eyes out for the Mixtape, titled Cut em or Pay em.
Also check the website to hear their beats. 

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