Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Wright Family.

I mentioned The Wright Family before, but I wanted to show this other review I came across...
The Wright Family are a group where the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” is certainly true. One guy looks like he just got off of work on Friday at 5pm and he’s ready to go to the batting cages. Another guy looks like he owns some real estate and wants to hang loose. The lady in the group has a 60’s vibe about her and appears to look like one of those moms on a TBS weekend marathon. Just by that alone, what kind of music do you think they record? Folk? Alternative rock? It may surprise you that these three individuals create hip-hop.

The World’s Happiest Gremlin (self-released) reminds me of something that Slug of Atmosphere would be associated with, or the kind of album that would be perfect on Rhymesayers with that loose-yet-aggressive flow that comes from late night mental sessions mixed in with week and imported alcohol. “Chance To Change” sounds like a dusted track with a laid back, almost downtempo vibe to it mixed with a hard rock guitar riff with a blow that has a slight Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony feel with a slight Kool Keith motif.

Away from the comparisons, it sounds like some damn good independent hip-hop with top notch production, rhymes and flows that sounds like a hungry MC in need of a decent meal, and the occasional female background vocals that add to the songs without being overbearing. Could become the sleeper album of 2009.

Sleeper album of the year!!
That is awesome. congrats Espi, Lo, and JG.

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