Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prost! Portland Oregon

A buddy of mine, from my adventures in Eugene, has opened a Bar in Portland, called Prost! Prost is located on the corner of Mississippi and Skidmore in North Portland. PROST is a cool new German bar that serves traditional German food and has 10 taps of German beer served in the appropriate glassware. The building and the bar itself were well done with beautiful wood tables and bar. The food I thought was good, had a brat sandwich and a pretzel, which hit the spot, and the fact that you can bring in food from the surrounding food carts if you order a beer from them, is really unique for a bar/restaurant to offer.

Fun fact: the tables and benches on the patio came direct from Oktoberfest '08 in Munich. (Via Yelp)

here are some pics from my adventure. Wish I had more to show you, just means you are goin to have to check it out yourself!


  1. hey! awesome! im right over there all the time! who is it?

  2. not sure if you know him, his name is Dan Hart. he at one time use to work at Rennies. You should check it out.

  3. There is a Prost! here in Seattle. Next time you are in Seattle I'll take you there. He owns 3 here:
    Die Bier Stube
    and Feirabend