Sunday, January 17, 2010

Zetaman: Reality Tv?

Operation Treehouse - TV episode from ZetamanTV on Vimeo.

Last night I went out on the town to see a local hiphop show at the Hawthorne Theater with a gang of friends (honestly we were rollin deep) lol. Anyways a good friend of mine introduced me to this interesting dude that is huge into videography and such. While talkin with him (he is not a character in the show) he explained that he has been pitching this idea/show to networks now for a while, that he is looking to produce. (with no luck as of now, according to his agent) Check the website, there are a few webisodes and longer more geared tv episodes. Let me know what you think, with so many, so called "reality" shows out there, could you find yourself watching this one?

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