Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ducks VS Ducks

Police said three members of the University of Oregon men’s basketball team were detained at gunpoint after shooting BBs at ducks and geese in Alton Baker Park on Monday night. Six Eugene police officers went to the park off Day Island Road at 11:08 p.m., after a passer-by reported seeing men shooting handguns near the park’s main pond, police spokeswoman Melinda Kletzok said.
Upon arrival, officers allegedly saw Cedric Josh Crittle, 19, use a gun to fire BBs toward waterfowl sitting in the pond. When the birds took flight, Crittle continued to fire BBs at them, Kletzok said. Police saw Crittle shoot a total of about 20 BBs at the birds, she said.
As Crittle and two others — identified by police as Michael R. Dunigan and Teondre Javon Williams, both 19 — began to walk away from the pond, an officer approached the men and detained them at gunpoint, Kletzok said.
“That is standard procedure if someone is armed,” Kletzok said of the police response.
Kletzok said as Dunigan put his hands in the air, officers heard the sound of water splashing.
Police later determined that Dunigan had tossed a gun into the pond, she said.
Police recovered a total of three guns believed to have been used by the men. Kletzok described the weapons as “pellet guns that shoot little metal BBs.”
Kletzok said police reports indicated no waterfowl were injured or killed by BBs.
All three men — who police said live in the same west university district apartment complex — were allowed to go home after officers cited them on misdemeanor charges of hunting or using guns in a city park.
All three are scheduled to be arraigned on the charges in Eugene Municipal Court later this month. The base fine for the violation is $155. The men do not face jail time in connection with the incident.

Wow, these dudes are so lucky. Three black men with guns at night?!!
With all theses cops now that are quick to draw, this could of ended worse, thank god.
Lesson learned I hope, go shoot hoops not ducks, dummies.

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