Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oregon lawmakers propose law requiring 'honest pint' of beer

SALEM, Ore. -- Some Oregon legislators want the state to help ensure that Oregon's beer drinkers who order a pint get the full 16 ounces during these tough economic times.
The "Honest Pint Act" is aimed at the practice of selling "pints" of beer in glasses, sometimes with thick bottoms, that can't hold the full liquid measure of a pint.

The bill, which got a hearing Friday, would have state health inspectors on their regular rounds inspecting beer glasses for capacity.

The Register-Guard newspaper in Eugene reports the extra review would entail a fee for an amount that has yet to be determined.

But barkeeps who pass the test would be rewarded with a decal, to be displayed on a window or door, proclaiming their establishments to be purveyors of an "honest pint."

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