Tuesday, August 11, 2009

37.5 megapixels

A brand famous for their cameras, will release its S2 DSLR camera in October for the price tag of approximately $23,000 (just for the body). The S2 features a 37.5 megapixel, 30×45mm sensor and a sapphire glass monitor. It’s also significantly smaller than other high end camera’s in its class, which makes for better maneuverability and flexibility without sacrificing the quality of picture.

Leica's digital S-System that's perfect for professional use. The Leica S2, with its premium AF objectives including everything from ultra wide to super telephoto, is an absolute photographic highlight. The digital SLR camera has a special new sensor with 30 x 45 mm and 37.5 megapixels.

Unreal, I want one.

Via: Kanye

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