Thursday, April 16, 2009

Best Friends turn Strangers

During my wonderful 24 years of life, I have experienced some interesting times.  Most of those times are often spent with friends and family.  Recently I was listening to some music while cleaning my room, (my normal routine for cleaning, bumping music) and heard the line "Best friends turned strangers" from Nas in the song The Message.  It really got me thinking, wow that is so true, there are just a few people, (probably more) that I once considered a good friend of mine.  And in the past never had the thought cross my mind that, we wouldn't be in contact anymore, at all..  Some of the relationships were juvenile for sure, like elementary friends, and middle school, of course that make sense contacts were lost.  But there are a few that you rolled with that the relationships went their different ways.  It is just crazy how people change through life, their thoughts and morals they once had, are all gone and out the window.  I would agree, that I have changed and grown up in many ways, but my morals and thoughts are for the most part the same.  Of course I am not the same kid from back in the day playing football in the neighborhood streets, but what I believed back then I still believe today.  Just blows my mind how people's character change, this life is crazy.  Keep your head.


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